The Birthday Caterpillar

It seems I have a lot of catching up to do with my blogging (It's been a busy summer) and so I thought I'd at least make a start by writing about my birthday last month. Better late than never?... This year, my birthday happened to fall on a volunteer day run by my local … Continue reading The Birthday Caterpillar


Volunteering with The John Muir Trust

This year I've been attending conservation work parties organised by The John Muir Trust in the Cairngorm National Park. JMT is a Scottish charity┬ádedicated to protecting and enhancing our wild places. We carry out a variety of tasks,┬ásuch as putting up deer fencing to protect young trees from being over-grazed. We've also removed gorse and … Continue reading Volunteering with The John Muir Trust

Doing Something About Marine Litter

I've been visiting my Aberdeen harbour patch for a couple of years now and it's never been the tidiest. Despite being one of the most picturesque spots in the city. Perhaps its location next to a relatively low income neighbourhood has something to do with it. Maybe the local waste collection services are inadequate, leading … Continue reading Doing Something About Marine Litter

National Garden Bioblitz

I recently did the national garden┬ábioblitz with my 7 year old sister - here are just a handful of the species we spotted. In total we recorded more than 60 different creatures over just a short 30 minutes outside. There are over 23 million gardens in Britain and even small ones can contain hundreds of … Continue reading National Garden Bioblitz