Volunteering with The John Muir Trust

This year I've been attending conservation work parties organised by The John Muir Trust in the Cairngorm National Park. JMT is a Scottish charity┬ádedicated to protecting and enhancing our wild places. We carry out a variety of tasks,┬ásuch as putting up deer fencing to protect young trees from being over-grazed. We've also removed gorse and … Continue reading Volunteering with The John Muir Trust

Doing Something About Marine Litter

I've been visiting my Aberdeen harbour patch for a couple of years now and it's never been the tidiest. Despite being one of the most picturesque spots in the city. Perhaps its location next to a relatively low income neighbourhood has something to do with it. Maybe the local waste collection services are inadequate, leading … Continue reading Doing Something About Marine Litter

National Garden Bioblitz

I recently did the national garden┬ábioblitz with my 7 year old sister - here are just a handful of the species we spotted. In total we recorded more than 60 different creatures over just a short 30 minutes outside. There are over 23 million gardens in Britain and even small ones can contain hundreds of … Continue reading National Garden Bioblitz