Micro Allotmenting

One of the (few) perks of my job is that staff are allowed to create an allotment on a disused piece of land in the grounds. I say allotment - mine is in fact 3m x 2.5m, so really quite little. However it's surprising what can be made to fit in such a small place. I chose … Continue reading Micro Allotmenting


Wasp nests welcome

It's common knowledge that wasps aren't the most popular insect around, in fact I've heard many question the point in their existence altogether. I suppose this resentment is understandable - after all these angry little creatures appear to enjoy striking fear and pain amongst the human population. However, since all species exist only where there … Continue reading Wasp nests welcome

Homemade Natural “Weed” Killers

The more laid back gardeners amongst us who refrain from a bit of good old fashioned weeding may be tempted to to reach for a bottle of Roundup. However these products contain harmful chemicals which are damaging to the environment and bad for you too! So why not try making your very own murderous concoctions … Continue reading Homemade Natural “Weed” Killers