Twigs and finches began life many years ago as a blog by my young aspiring naturalist self. Its objective has always been to invoke a sense of wonder for the natural world and to encourage others (particularly young people) to discover a passion for conservation.

I ended up becoming both a scientist and an artist – despite many people suggesting that I should choose one or the other! I realised that the most interesting things in life are found where the boundaries between different disciplines collide. Science provides a factual understanding that our environment is in trouble – creativity supplies the hope that things can change. I believe that art can be a powerful tool in the quest to protect our environment and wildlife.

I’ve had a curiosity for nature and an inordinate fondness for insects for a very long time. I consider Lepidoptera to be one of the finer delights in life and intend to devote my own existence to their protection. Many years ago, a very knowledgeable individual placed a merveille du jour on my hand and my life has never been quite the same since. Somebody once said to me that realising the small and seemingly insignificant things to be exquisitely wonderful, is to reach a harmonious state of balance in life. I think this is true.

In 2017 I established Twigs and Finches as a business, aiming to raise awareness and funds for conservation. We support a number of charities and give away many free wildflower seeds – please check us out if you have the time.

Remember that everybody has something they can offer to protect our fragmented and degraded environment. The scientists alone can’t save the planet and neither can the artists – it will take a culmination of all different talents and skills. The preservation of our land will ultimately rely on the everyday acts of people who love nature and more importantly, decide to do something about it.









    • Dear Gill, thank you kindly for visiting my blog and leaving an encouraging comment! I really enjoyed your post about the raven, especially the misty photographs 🙂 I look forward to following your posts

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  1. Many thanks for visiting my blog and liking it enough to follow! I have the same love of wildlife, and Scotland is one of my very favourite places. I had an especially wonderful trip to Cape Wrath.


  2. Hi Apithanny,

    So love your name, it must have some interesting roots in history. And of course I’ve popped by to say Many Thanks for the follow at naturestimeline, which is much appreciated.

    Best Wishes

    Tony Powell

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