Miniature Monday: Caddisfly Larvae

Next time you are near a pond, make sure you have a look for some caddisfly larvae. They are not difficult to find; many construct fantastic protective armour around their bodies, using debris and bits of vegetation. There are around 200 species of caddisfly (of the order Trichoptera) in the UK and presence of larvae … Continue reading Miniature Monday: Caddisfly Larvae


Miniature Monday: Sexton Beetles

Burying beetles or sexton beetles (sexton being an old English word for gravedigger) are an unusual family of beetles consisting of several similar looking species. The scientific name ‘Nicrophorus’ is also thought to originate from the greek ‘necro’ meaning dead body. They are one of my favourite UK insects and being attracted to light, I … Continue reading Miniature Monday: Sexton Beetles

Irresponsible Journalism

Recently, I had the misfortune of coming across a poorly informed, shockingly ignorant and frankly irresponsible piece of writing. More disappointingly, it was penned by a Scottish ecologist and published in a national newspaper. I felt that I should write something to address some of the points and claims made by its author. The article focussed … Continue reading Irresponsible Journalism

Bringing Back Beavers

You’ve probably noticed that beavers have been in the spotlight of late and have received lots of well-earned media attention. Our Scottish beavers were finally granted legal protection in 2016 and numerous beaver projects are now cropping up across the rest of the UK, hoping for the same outcome.  This is fantastic to witness and … Continue reading Bringing Back Beavers

Bushy Tailed and Bouncing Back

I'm normally an advocate for species lacking in media attention. The small things that people ignore; or the slimy things that some find scary. This week however, I happened to spend an afternoon with the charismatic poster species for Scottish conservation - the red squirrel. And yes I have to admit...they were very cute. Up until … Continue reading Bushy Tailed and Bouncing Back

Volunteering with The John Muir Trust

This year I've been attending conservation work parties organised by The John Muir Trust in the Cairngorm National Park. JMT is a Scottish charity dedicated to protecting and enhancing our wild places. We carry out a variety of tasks, such as putting up deer fencing to protect young trees from being over-grazed. We've also removed gorse and … Continue reading Volunteering with The John Muir Trust